There’s More Than One Way…

Curation is becoming a more and more popular buzzword these days to the point where it seems it’s almost ready to “jump the shark” and it’s one of the hottest trends in social media, except that at the end of the day, thoughtful curation in all its forms, not just content has been an important contribution to society, to culture, to time-deprived people.

What is curation? A general definition is “Curation is a term that describes the act of finding, grouping, organizing or sharing the best and most relevant content on a specific issue.”

But, as Rohit Bhargava points out, there are at least Five Models of Content Curation” These are: Aggregation, Distillation, Elevation, Mashups, and Chronological.

Our challenges here at Girl Groove are not only understanding and defining the different forms erotica can take, but also what form of curation to implement. Personally, I’m an equal opportunity curation fan. What’s your fancy? I do love the Submissive-Dominant role we play in curating for you, I really want to know what you want to see, hear, learn about in terms of different erotica, but also how you want it delivered.

So, my Little Kinks, take a few minutes to read the article and then, tell me what you want me to do.


One thought on “There’s More Than One Way…

  1. Hi Lover,
    You look perfect after dreaming of our first meeting for so long it is wonderful to meet you and to see you’ve dressed just the way I pictured you would dress for our first meeting. I love that long skirt you are wearing it adds mystery but it full enough to allow easy access to everything. Thank you for that thin button up blouse too.

    No before we kiss and hold each other let’s talk for a few minutes. Tell you what why don’t you sit here on this nice big over-stuffed chair and I will sit over here. Your nipples seem to be popping through that blouse are they always so erect?
    Unbutton a few buttons on your blouse and show me your breast. Yes that is what I like to see. Sure I would love to have my lips on you and hear you enjoying my tongue but I want to know you better first. Use your fingers and show me what you dream of lips doing to your breast. Yes show me how sensitive your breast is.
    MMMn I really like hearing you get excited like that. You want more don’t you lover? You will get more don’t worry we have all day and you can keep me going all day if I know your excited. If I can hear your excited. I want you to show me what excites you first. What makes you screeeeeam lover. Put your leg up on the chair and show me what you like, I want to hear you scream. Once I hear you scream I will keep you screaming all day.

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