Make Love, Not Porn – A TED Talk


I love TED talks. I particularly like TED talks that address sexual issues because I can tell myself I’m educating myself while also pleasuring myself…at least, mentally!  

I’d love to read your comments and opinions about what she has to say about making love versus making porn and how porn is changing our expectations about what making love looks like.

via Cindy Gallop: Make love, not porn Adult content – YouTube.

SOPA Is Not Spanish for Soup…

nor is it about getting squeaky clean after getting dirty.

In a country that used to be so free just a few years ago, we are seeing more and more of our rights eroded almost on a daily basis. Certainly, those who enjoy adult pleasures are probably more aware than most about the extent of censorship. Now, we are only 41 days away from the possibility of Congress passing a measure that would put an end to countless websites that depend on user-generated content. This is all in the interest or, rather, interests of the film and music industries to try to put a stop to online piracy of their copyrighted material. What the “Stop Online Piracy Act” will do is make the Internet a lot less fun and interesting while further eroding freedoms.

If you’d like to know more, just go to this Pearltree about • SOPA • curated by curators.

Hurry! This is one of those uber-cool sites that could very well disappear if we don’t mobilize and let our Representatives and Senators in Washington know we oppose SOPA. Please consider taking a couple minutes to take action against SOPA. Just click on the headline above….

And, because you’re all such well-behaved Little Kinks, here’s a great image to fantasize about….compliments of TremblingFluidHeat

3D Book of Breasts

UrbanDaddy has done it again! A great deal on a great Taschen book of beautiful, natural, luscious boobies! But, you have to hurry because their deal expires in just about 3 days. So, reach and grab some of that, uh, savings 36% savings! It Includes a special set of the original 3DD and 3DD Deluxe books, plus a pair of aviator-style 3D glasses.

Grab your 3D glasses for the full effect.


Best wishes for a fabulous, boobylicious 2012, Little Kinks!

Unspoken Codes

Whether we know it or not, we all have an unspoken language to communicate our desire…or lack thereof. The tiniest little biting of a lower lip can communicate so much. Nerves? Desire? Longing? Flirting? Just sitting here in my solitude, thinking about that one little signal causes me to catch my breath, makes my heart speed up, makes me begin to ache…

Codes and rituals can eventually become codified, byzantine languages that are only understood by those in the know and their initiates. For example, Hanky Codes.

What is your unspoken code…?

“How will my heart know you…

if my body betrays me at your merest breath?”

I discovered Ruby Kiddell on Twitter a little more than a year ago. She and her now-ex would have these incredibly sensuous, intimate, hot exchanges. I felt as if I were eavesdropping, spying on something so very personal, but I couldn’t help myself. Just remembering them now makes me dizzy.

Unfortunately, for whatever reason, their relationship ended. Fortunately, Ruby continues to tweet and write and titillate.

If you don’t know her writing, I’m very pleased to introduce you to…The Erotic Notebook.