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Halloween as a holiday just keeps getting bigger and bigger with more parties and more costumes. It may be one of a few or even the only time of the year you both play dress-up.  

Even when it’s last minute or maybe because it’s last minute, you have fun brainstorming and laughing, coming up with ideas for costumes, like, oh, avocado toast. Sometimes that’s when you have the most creative ideas. 

"If necessity is the mother of invention, then procrastination is the father!" -Henri, le Chat Noir

What do you have in your closet? What do you have on hand that can be used to create a costume?  If you have any time at all, you can pull it together and have fun collaborating with your partner in crime. 

Perhaps you’re going all-out glam like the designer-clad attendees at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s First All Hallows’s Eve Benefit

These treats can last throughout the year! Halloween offers a special opportunity to experiment with role-play, perhaps express long-held desires, and get treats you never expected that keep on giving year-round! And, hey! It’s a great opportunity to start building your role-play wardrobes to indulge your fantasies year-round and not just at Halloween. Go shopping together, in bed. Maybe starting with an incredibly sexy latex design from Mr. William Wilde, the latex fashion designer to celebrities like Lady Gaga. Or, if your partner has a penis, maybe a fantasy sheath from Bad Dragon! You may have had a hard time completing your first purchase without getting wonderfully distracted.

Every holiday really is an opportunity to have fun, get frisky, and introduce play into your relationship. Whether it’s brand new relationship or a long-lasting partnership, getting playful is always fun!

For sure, we’re going to be making the most of all the upcoming holidays as inspiration for our very own cosplay!  Want to show us yours? Just email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with pics and your story!