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 Hot Georgia nights. A boy. His car. A road trip. Steven Tyler. An older woman. 

They all run together like mingled sweat when you’re crowded together or when naked bodies meet.

Sweet Emotion is a stream of consciousness jazz riff to a rock’n’roll beat. It’ll leave you juicy and warm as a fresh-picked ripe peach.

Sweet Emotion

(13-minute read - 3,377 words)

nineteen seventy one barracuda white

phat sixties on the back seventies on the front silvery chrome mags three eighteen sitting under the hood she go vroom she go vroom vroom bucket seats beige naugahyde


always wanted to go nauga hunting hear they’re so big can’t miss ’em nearsighted man with a hangover and the shakes could hit one with a twenty two pistol got its site filed down hear they like to come down to the ponds near bout midnight full moon oh they do like to glance at their shadowy reflections in the still water

best time to shoot ’em in their narcissistic gazings

sneak up on ’em from behind crouching low in the brush lift the rifle take aim breathe hold it squeeze that trigger squeeze it slowly baby bada bing bam bring ’em down skin ’em wrap ’em round them bucket seats

that naugahyde soft sweet sexy seventies beige

can’t be black sugar because it’s south georgia that black dark interior oh baby it can fry your flaky white ass especially when you wear that short short skirt especially when you go without

you know what i mean

even though i love that fresh cotton feel that fresh cotton smell it just ain’t right when you go with that which gets in my way which denies me access
little holly six fifty four barrel feeding hooker headers feeding cherry bomb pipes

vroom fucking vroom
kept the hood warm don’t you know

if i had my way i’d eat peaches every day eat a peach for love don’t you know eat a peach for you with you girlfriend let the juice run out my mouth down my chin drip drip goddamn i love that fuzz on my lips love that sweetness

natch’rl not canned don’t you know

a tale of two barracudas one of love one of debauchery are they not one and the same can you have one without the other ah jennifer where are you now which tale are you which tail are you fuck girlfriend where are you now i don’t know you now baby i knew you then

earl the pearl he calls me up he says hey cuz we got the tix we got admission we got a mission let’s go let’s take a drive let’s cruise on down to jay ville see us a concert barracuda party ride journey joint jamboree let’s go let’s go

vroom vroom

let’s take a ride aerosmith they await our arrival we call big tall wall we call charlie the kay they’re in they’re on board friday after school we’re fully equipped with dope beer gasoline munchies two hour thirty minute drive to jacksonville from valdosta georgia down eye seventy five across eye ten

yeah baby load ‘m up move ’em out

rollin’ rollin’ rollin’ get them wagons rollin’ working at the valdosta georgia kay mart up there on north forty one yeah that same forty one rambling man forty one lord i was born a rambling man forty one born in the backseat of a greyhound bus rolling up highway forty one senior year high school hair down my back scrawny hippie redneck with a bag of reefer in my back pocket

i’m turning eighteen i’m working at kay mart i’m trying to save a little scratch spending money for college going to college in the fall leaving this pit getting my ass out of town heading off to the big city they got me working back in the home and garden department sometimes i get to drive the forklift moving around big old pallets of pine bark potting

soil fertilizer bone meal cow manure chicken manure hundreds of little buckets of azaleas

signs entering town say declare state as fact valdosta the azalea city

little buckets of rhodendrons flats of pansies hey ain’t no pansies in valdosta georgia we’re men real men ain’t no faggots down here in these parts true america might find some of them faggots out in california might find some of them faggots fucking camels in eye rack ain’t no faggots flat of pansies flats of violets gardening accoutrements shovels rakes hoses sprinklers fertilzer sticks

miracle gro goddamn

jennifer she worked at kay mart twenty eight long black hair big wide lips sweet breeding hips smile jenn smile long tall jennifer legs long lean curving into an ass that moved swayed when she first came walking over toward me hot late spring day i’m outside sweating moving shit around consolidating pallets throwing this fifty pound bag over onto that pile of other fifty pound bags jennifer long tall jennifer wide seventies hip huggers flaring billowing with each step walking right my way i

stopped stood stared

she sauntered swaggered over smile jenn smile steal my heart warm my virgin loins feel the heat surge loose grunge jeans still too tight to hold me in she said she came up to me put her hand on my shoulder looked me in the eye she said smiling she said whatcha doing after work hear you got good weed whatcha doing after work want to show me your good weed

i said yeah
if i had my way i’d eat peaches every day eat a peach for love don’t you know eat a

peach for you girlfriend

me earl big tall wall charlie the kay we slide climb into the barracuda earl he’s got the tickets me i got the cuda charlie he got the weed and shrooms big tall wall he got beer and gas money vroom down gornto road right past the putt putt park right turn at the gas station over the bridge left turn onto eye seventy five vroom we take off tix say aerosmith special guest appearance by mahogany rush it’s a metal friday night in jay ville florida time to get our sorry white trash asses down the highway

on ramp speed up the rumbling of ice from within styrofoam the pop phizz ah of four beers opened the click click sizzle sizzle waft of big jay on fire smoke ’em if you got ’em charlie the kay he’s got ’em twenty rolled racked in a marlboro hard pack by the time we hit the florida line twelve miles down we’re more than toasted we’re

burnt a little round the edges

we pull into the florida welcome center hey free oh jay for the yankee tourists and georgia stoners we’re back into the car getting back on the highway earl the pearl he says hey tee man i got to pee big tall wall he says earl dude just piss out the window earl he says good idea he’s sitting up front he buckles his seat belt he unzips his pants he opens the door to the cuda he rolls leans over pulls out his cock takes a long piss i’m driving down the road down eye seventy five doing seventy five miles an hour safely secured by the belt earl the pearl he rolls rolls his cock maybe nine inches from the pavement his cock maybe nine inches period

earl the pearl yeah he was famous for his cock

eight track tape player screaming at us steven tyler walking this way that way sweet emotion we have three joints lit passing ’em around we’re four white wannabe hippies more like rednecks uniform of the day jeans brogans tee shirts plaid flannel shirts unbuttoned or tied about the waist nineteen seventy six jay ville bound cuda danced down the road dance cuda dance

go dog go

do you like my hat yes i do i like your hat it’s a party hat long stream long long stream the general he said how goes the vigor of your stream the greeting of his day the day of the general the autumn of the patriarch earl though he’s no general he’s got the vigor baby he finally sits up closes the door big tall wall he hands him the bong gatlin gun bowls freshly loaded he spins off three then hands it back

smoke drifting from his nostrils his joker grinning lips his ears his every pore

charlie the kay he passes around the little baggie of dried mushrooms hey where did you get these charlie the kay he grins that charles manson smile his long black hair in a pony tail his scraggly beard framing his sanity his lack thereof he butt dances on the seat in the back he slides says picked them couple of weeks ago dried them out by the

pool shriveled right up south georgia smokehouse don’t you know so how many how many should we take charlie the kay he shrugs says he pops two three buttons in his mouth chews them in that fuck ma this is some bad medicine sort of way he shrugs says dirty harry he says don’t know got to ask yourself got to know

you feelin’ lucky
if i had my way i’d eat peaches every day eat a peach for love don’t you know eat a

peach for you girlfriend i said yeah

the work evening went oh so slow clock creeping sleeping snoozing in the back finally attention kay mart shoppers our store will be closing in fifteen minutes please complete your shopping come on down to the front now i wash up clock out ka ching there she is at the front door she says i smile nod before she even finishes she says you drive give me a lift let me ride

ride cap’n ride

me the cuda jenn we drive around jerry jones drive we drive down gornto road we drive down into wood valley we drive around down the dirt road around the elks club pond down the dirt road to the clearing just this side of the trees just this side of paradise just this side of love lingering lust me the cuda jennifer ah sweet jennifer teach me girl teach me lady what to say what to do where to touch where to slide slip and slide warm night i’d like to describe a full moon with soft clouds floating over starshine twinkling in the sky in her eyes can’t remember don’t remember gots to admit gots to lay it down right here wasn’t quite my focus wasn’t quite my aim we smoked a big old jay

i do remember

flipping the joint such a professional stoner at such a young age stoner slid the lit end into my mouth leaned forward blew gently sent smoke streams of serendipity her way lips close almost touching she breathing eyes closed those long lashes i remember such long dark lashes she leaning on the cuda my hand on her waist holding her she leaning back and forward at the same time at the same moment lawdy lawdy she took the joint from my mouth from my hand she dropped it on the ground the red bud glowing up at us from its little nest in the dried grass slowly slowly fading disappearing

as she kissed me goddamn

if i had my way i’d eat peaches every day eat a peach for love don’t you know eat a peach for you girlfriend eat that peach eat that peach

we get to jax big earl he says he points he says take that exit no take that exit no no no what the fuck down the ramp down into the bowels of the big city looking for the coliseum the arena the music looking for listening for tracking the music

sweet emotion

right right right take this turn right i spin the wheel the cuda god i loved that car the cuda she responded back end fishtailed around the corner a car comes at us on the left flashes its lights i flash mine back we wave another car approaches us flies by on our right we’re in a middle lane it flashes its lights another and another lights flashing horns blasting big tall wall he says

dude i don’t think we’re going the right way

i say watching the cars zip by on both sides i say yeah i think we’re lost earl don’t seem to know which way to go earl the pearl he says leaning out the window looking forward looking backward sliding back in he says yeah i don’t know man big tall wall he say no dude you don’t understand

i don’t think we’re going the right way

we’re going down a one way street but we’re not going the right way the correct way down the one way street i say oh fuck earl the pearl he says oh fuck charlie the kay he just sits back in his corner he smiles slowly points to the right he says hey man hey tee man there it is the arena it’s right there i brake and accelerate around a passing car back end fishtailing again just a bit tires squealing talk to me baby i love it when you talk to me when i bite you just a bit this time going with traffic we zip right into a parking lot next to some fat dude selling aerosmith concert tee shirts selling those green glow in the dark sticks earl the pearl he buys a shirt me charlie the kay we buy a couple glow sticks each big tall wall he don’t buy nothing he’s a cheap bastard

and now i hear he’s bald but he’s rich and got a beautiful wife fixes feet for a living

we walk we show tix we enter the arena we are among the stoned crazed masses we’re redneck come to town we walk to the floor push our way toward the front get about half way before charlie the kay insists that the sea just won’t part any further his moses powers expired he is content he’s found his spot he is castaneda looking for his spot in the room he’s found it mahogany rush doing their imitation of jimi hendrix playing the star spangled banner frank fucking marino trying to be black soulful and cool he’s a cheap metal act with a laser show in jacksonville florida but hey

we’re tripping on mushrooms and adrenalin what the fuck do we care i mean

if i had my way i’d eat peaches every day eat a peach for love don’t you know eat a peach for you girlfriend eat that peach eat that peach

she jenn she says whispers into my ear suggests commands requests she says you’re going to fuck me tonight here tonight you’re going to fuck me i say my cock says i say sure smile jenn smile she slips up onto the hood of the cuda long and curved she leans back on the windshield she kicks off her high heeled sandals she arches her back thrusts her hips up those pants sliding down she says looking over at me she says hey come here i’m there she teaches she instructs she guides she shares i kneel over her i straddle her on my knees she unzips she extracts she pulls on my cock she pulls it toward her she slips her tongue slides her tongue slurps her tongue all about and over and around and around and around and goddamn she sucks she sizzles she coaxes i explode she swallows gulps chokes milks moans continues keeps me hard pumps pulls my head down kisses me deep with a cum soaked tongue i’m eighteen i’m so fucking eager i’m so fucking ignorant i’m so fucking excited i’m so fucking down for anything she pushes remnants of my own cum into my mouth if i had my way i’d eat peaches every day she pushes my head down between her legs she tells me she shows me she talks to me she lessons me here yeah baby there yeah baby a little to the left faster slower deeper probe there she helps she reaches down with her delicate fingers she reaches down with her beautiful fingers she spreads her sweet lips she spreads her sugary self shows me where to touch her where to put my lips my tongue my fingers each time i do it right she moans i’m a fucking bee eff skinner experiment condition me baby i’m your pavlovian dog lapping up your love ring that bell if i had my way i’d eat peaches every day eat a peach for you girlfriend eat that peach eat your peach lick my lips good the hood the hood of the barracuda still warm still hot in places she arches her ass holds my head pushes it down grinds my face grabs my long long hair wraps her hand round

round round the reins of ecstacy she is the first woman i ever heard speak directly to me say to me with gritted teeth really mean it with authority say

fuck me now
if i had my way i’d eat peaches every day eat a peach for love don’t you know eat a

peach for you girlfriend eat that peach eat that peach

steven tyler he prances on stage music for the stone age we’re stoned we’re tripping he screams the guitars scream we scream we’re seventeen and stoned and screaming in jacksonville florida jennifer she her ass prances on the hood of the barracuda she screams for me to fuck her we dance with the crowd charlie the kay he squats in the middle of the crowd stares at the floor earl the pearl he does a rain dance around him air guitar wailing he’s a master long blond hair exploding from his john deere hat jennifer she spreads her legs she moans fuck me big tall wall he dances around puts my head in his hands he screams he says tee man i fucking love you man we are fucking tripping in the middle of ten thousand people i fucking love you man i say yeah big tall dude i love you man jennifer she spreads her legs i slide in between she takes my cock she guides me in pulls me in goddamn goddamn this is it oh man oh man the head of my cock it touches her wet wet cunt goddamn big tall wall he leans down screams down at charlie the kay he says yo kay yo charlie yooooooooooooo let’s go let’s scream charlie the kay he stands up he pops cracks two of the green glow sticks he hands me one we know what to do i know what to do instinct kicks in the touch of my cock on her cunt i know what to do i don’t need no teacher i don’t need no education i got it my cock slides thrusts slams she rises to meet me goddamn goddamn this is it this is the best there is nothing else left goddamn me and charlie we cock our arms we kick back we load cock jennifer she loads cocks bites her lips i never imagined i never could guess i never could dream goddamn i throw that green glow stick as hard as i can i am sandy fucking koufax that stick flies that stick soars i fly i soar i cum with another explosion i groan i let loose with a yell i start to collapse jennifer will have none of that she keeps pumping i keep thrusting she is a punishing fuck goddamn fuck me til i die might as well die now fuck the green glow sticks they fly fly fly up through the arena sky land right at the feet of steven tyler

if i had my way i’d eat peaches every day eat a peach for love don’t you know eat a peach for you girlfriend eat that peach eat that peach

sweet emotion and all that

© @JoeSchmuck, 2017