This Post Will Expire In Two Days

The Big Book of Breasts, 3DSex=Good. Discounts=Good. Sex+Discounts = Positively Tasty!

This post has an expiration date of just a little more than two (2) days because that’s when this great sale ends., currently my favorite curated shopping site, always has seductive and special offerings. But, this weekend they decided to really sex it up with sales on Sir Richard’s Condoms, most, if not all of Taschen‘s Erotic Art Books, discounts on ticket packages for the Museum of Sex in New York, some very fancy dog collars and leashes.

The Big Penis Book 3DThere’s more, but those are the highlights, I think. My imagination has been running out of control this afternoon.

I’d love to read your most clever stories about leashes and studded dog collars. Pretty please? Indulge me…you’ll be so happy you did. Just post as a Comment. 


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