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Kiki’s November 2018 Horoscopes

November is a lot of month. We start with a delightful little new moon in Scorpio. Then, mid-month, Venus finally goes direct at almost the exact same time Mercury goes retrograde, like some kind of twisted comedic plotline (or maybe tragic?). Then we better savor the cranberry sauce this year, because on Thanksgiving night, we have a big, bad full moon—one of the toughest of the year. Luckily ’tis the season for Sagittarius starting on the 22nd, which will lend us the jolly optimism we need to make it through. Look, I admit that 2018 has been a trying year, and it’s all unfolding in the cosmos. But we’re almost done, and trust me, December will be a lot more chill…   SCORPIO  –  OCTOBER 22 – NOVEMBER 21 The new moon on the 7th is in your sign, Scorpio, which will help you get anything you want. Seriously, you’ll


Paris, a California story

Word count 1761 (14 min read) No map. I’d already seen the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower. I wasn’t looking for a crowd. I was just going to walk wherever my feet took me. The streets were wet, shining back up against the lights of the city. Not like California. I felt like I had brought a piece of California to this cold, rainy city. A warm, sunshine kiss to a cold, but romantic, lover. I passed a chocolatier, all the pretty, perfect pieces of chocolate placed so carefully in the window, imprinted with script and dressed with frosting. I didn’t have the heart to walk in and buy anything as if touching them would ruin their magic. I was afraid none of it could match the perfect expectation I had in my mind. So, I continued walking. Every step felt like I was walking into another dimension, a place so