Keepin’ It Safe

  Maybe you’ve just assumed that those toys you use in your most private orifices are okay. But, that isn’t necessarily true! It’s kind of unbelievable that the materials used for children’s toys are carefully regulated, but not for adult toys. That’s why you may be noticing that more product descriptions include “Body-Safe.” What makes something Body Safe? Let’s start at the beginning – Word count – 2,566 Read time – A really important 10-minutes!)   Toy Materials and Health Labels on sex toys and lube can be just as confusing and difficult to translate as those on food items, but it’s just as important to fully understand what you’re putting into your body via your vagina or anus. What are phthalates and why is it important that your toys don’t have them? What is the difference between food-grade, medical-grade, platinum, and 100% silicone? What is Sil-a-Gel anyway? What is


Different Personality Types = Different Relationships

  Love those “bad” boys (or girls)? Prefer those quiet folks who ooze confidence and intelligence? Dig the ones who proudly wear a uniform? Melt for those who serve others? Who we fall in love with is often influenced by personality style. Science has long known that people can be categorized into 4 types. Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine was the first to notice this point and he called it temperaments. Since his era, over 200 personality systems have sprung up. Are you familiar with DISC, or Myers-Briggs? Perhaps you’ve been exposed to others that use descriptive words, objects, shapes, colors, animals, birds, and sea creatures. Regardless of the names, individuals seem to cluster into 4 patterns. Helen Fisher, author of Love Him Love Her, has discovered underlying biological differences. And yes, these are correlated with romantic inclinations. Hooking up with a partner is much like sales. As a