VR Porn Is Here

And here’s how to Do It. Do you want to fulfill your secret fantasies, be it with a partner unavailable to you in real life or pursuing a secret desire you might not be ready to share with another. If you have a sexual itch, VR porn is a unique way to scratch it. You can explore a very realistic intimate experience in a new environment and even try embodying a different gender if you want. There are all kinds of VR porn, the variety is growing every day so you’re bound to find something you like. Yes, there is VR porn for women, too! But what are the options and what equipment do you need?…besides the equipment you were born with 😉 We break it down for you here. STEP #1 of 2 – Hardware for VR Porn   Beginners Mid-Range High-Range Custom Pieces Use any phone you have and


Spaghetti al Limone Per Due

When I walked into Trader Joe’s this weekend, I discovered little bags of Meyer lemons. They are so special, I had to buy them. Then, when I went up to Napa for a doggie hike and lunch at my friend’s house, there was her lemon tree absolutely overloaded with fruit, just not quite ready. It’s definitely citrus season in California.   This is basically a simple dish that comes together fairly quickly and easily from pantry ingredients. You can share tasks of zesting lemon and grating cheese over glasses of wine.   I’ve only ever had this pasta by myself, but I believe thoughtfully planning and preparing delicious food for just me is a reminder that we have to love ourselves first…before we can truly love another. A pound of spaghetti can serve 4 people. I find it easier to make the recipe as is, rather than cutting it in