Paris, a California story

Word count 1761 (14 min read) No map. I’d already seen the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower. I wasn’t looking for a crowd. I was just going to walk wherever my feet took me. The streets were wet, shining back up against the lights of the city. Not like California. I felt like I had brought a piece of California to this cold, rainy city. A warm, sunshine kiss to a cold, but romantic, lover. I passed a chocolatier, all the pretty, perfect pieces of chocolate placed so carefully in the window, imprinted with script and dressed with frosting. I didn’t have the heart to walk in and buy anything as if touching them would ruin their magic. I was afraid none of it could match the perfect expectation I had in my mind. So, I continued walking. Every step felt like I was walking into another dimension, a place so


Pearl Restraints

Pearls inspire. I used to sleep in my pearls because I loved their velvety texture against my skin and their warmth they got from my body. I’m probably the only person you’ll ever know who was fired from a job over pearls…. I was editing reader-submitted stories for a few different soft-core magazines published in the US and Canada when one day I found myself finally reading a very creative and titillating story about a string of pearls and their creative use in a seduction. The managing editor insisted the pearls be removed as “some of our readers could get hurt trying to do this.” Without the pearls there was no story. I lost the fight and my job, but I kept my pearls. Over the years I’ve added more than a few strands of pearls to my collection, some more permanent that others…. When I saw this 10-foot strand