Inside My Groove

Sasha Holden burst onto the literary scene in 2015. Her short stories quickly engendered passion within her fan base who related instantly to her unique brand of eroticism. The ability to engage the reader on both an emotional and physical level has provided the key to her success.

A renowned poet in her own right Sasha released her first literary novel entitled “Sarah” Malcolm’s Prize on Amazon in mid-2015 to much critical acclaim within the erotic fiction industry. Like Sarah, her leading female characters are more often than not lonely, yet longing to explore their innermost desires sexually. Her stories enter the most intimate corners of her characters’ minds, leaving no stone unturned in their quest for pleasure.

We are thrilled to partner with Sasha and republish selected works here on Girl Groove

Inside My Groove


My hips they drifted

from side to side

along the bed

against your slide

the water lapped

yet never came in

lulled by your breathing

within the swim

my breasts they danced

beneath your flow

soft to your touch

warm and smooth

writhing as I melted

inside my groove




The smallest ray of light

a skylight

allowing a skerrick of dust

to flow within its centre

as it found her table

in the left hand corner

of Biology Lecture Theatre 2

where his gorgeousness met her hormones

well out of balance

every time he spoke

his tight pants

causing her even tighter slacks

to expand

every time he moved


Mr turn on

and then turn on again

with his firm butt

warm brown chest

open shirt

and long



Who are you?

She whispered

to whom do you belong?

Her fingers

sliding beneath the small desk top

below her notebook

undoing her zip

just walk left

once more

you sensational creature

her tiny binoculars

fixed firmly upon his bulge

his manhood

his cock



and crying

crying out for her

Her eyes wandered

the Friday afternoon lecture theatre

all but empty

her fingers

finally catching the warmth

disappearing into the wetness

sliding into her


with her long forgotten memories

of all those around

with her anxious

nervous need

not to make a sound

His shoulders

broad back and bones

his legs

taut and fully toned

his torso

clutching within his shirt

his voice

calling for her to come

the bell

ringing all too soon

the light

lighting up the room

burying her ray of light

drowning her of might

of just what might have been

removing the final act

from her dirty little scene

Sasha Holden ©2017


“The need for my eroticism to arouse readers on every level, as they turn the pages, is my ultimate goal as a writer.”



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