Pearl Restraints

Pearls inspire. I used to sleep in my pearls because I loved their velvety texture against my skin and their warmth they got from my body.

I’m probably the only person you’ll ever know who was fired from a job over pearls…. I was editing reader-submitted stories for a few different soft-core magazines published in the US and Canada when one day I found myself finally reading a very creative and titillating story about a string of pearls and their creative use in a seduction. The managing editor insisted the pearls be removed as “some of our readers could get hurt trying to do this.” Without the pearls there was no story. I lost the fight and my job, but I kept my pearls.

Over the years I’ve added more than a few strands of pearls to my collection, some more permanent that others….

When I saw this 10-foot strand of pearls, the fantasies started sliding into my mind just like this long, single strand of warm gems of the ocean. I had to share these with you. If you don’t already know Maison Mika, thank me in the comments for introducing you to these beautiful, truly inspiring toys and lingerie, especially when you open the gift box overflowing with pearls. I think I might be tamed, at least for awhile, if I found myself wrapped in these three meters of freshwater pearls.   

Oh, very exciting…

Meters of Pearls

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