Introducing Tryst tryst – trist/

Late Middle English (originally Scots): variant of obsolete trist ‘an appointed place in hunting,’ from French triste or medieval Latin trista
1. a private, romantic rendezvous between lovers.
“a moonlight tryst”
1. keep a private, romantic rendezvous.
“a trysting place”

Mail Order Xanax Legal an appointment to meet at a certain time and place, especially one made somewhat secretly by lovers.
an appointed meeting.
an appointed place of meeting.

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Buy Soma Online Cod Fedex As with nearly every startup, what Girl Groove is today is not quite what it started out to be. Ultimately, we had the idea to create a space where people can meet online and have a different kind of experience. That idea is Tryst, our members-only area where you can log in, meet others, and get frisky. What makes this even more exciting than long-distance sex ever was is the launch of teledildonic (aka cyberdildonics) toys. What’s that, you ask? Teledildonics is a term that describes the technology for remote sex where tactile sensations are communicated through the internet, between two or more lovers. for mutual pleasure. Yes, you can pair your phone with another’s toy and have complete control. Imagine the possibilities, especially if everyone has his or her own very smart toy and smart phone! These smart toys have been marketed as a great way to maintain a LDR (long-distance relationship). We think it’s time to expand that concept. There’s a lot to be said for staying home and still hooking up. It isn’t required that you have a smart toy to have fun, but it can open up new experiences. Our vision for Tryst is a safe space where you can fully and freely explore your sexuality. Think of it as virtual Tinder with toys, or without. Up to you and other Tryst members you hook up with.

Mail Order Xanax Legal Skip all those awkward and unpredictable parts of traditional online dating. How many times have you met someone you swiped right on only to discover that IRL they’re just not all that.

Now, you don’t even have to leave your bedroom to hook up and have fun. And, who knows? You just might meet that someone special? In the meantime, we just want you to have a ton of fun!

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